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Welcome to our new, official website of the German Tanfoglio IPSC Production Team

On our website you will find many interesting information about Tanfoglio sporting guns, recommended equipment, useful and legal "tuning" as well as reviews to best practice calibers, especially for our Tanfoglio Stock II and III models.

We hope you like our website, you will find news and interesting things and you give us feedback.

Gruß & DVC
Robert, Olaf, André und Mathias


xtreme hammer spring

Test: Tanfoglio xtreme Hammer Springs

We once measured, how the different Tanfoglio xtreme hammersprings affects the trigger weight of an Tanfoglio Stock II.

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Team Tanfoglio21.11.2015:
We are all "Team Tanfoglio"!

please visit our new website for all Tanfoglio owner, dealer or gunsmith´s.

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IPSC World Shoot 2014 - Florida

Report an pictures from the XVII IPSC World Shoot 2014 in Florida. 

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Faktor Test02.08.2014:
IPSC Factor Test

We have tested a wide variety of factory ammunition with our Tanfoglio Stock II and Stock III weapons. First of all: All tested ammonition have met the necessary minimum factor of 125 for the IPSC "prodction" division without problems. There were no supply disruptions or misfire.

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ghost tb25.05.2014:
New GHOST Equipment for the Team!

As a new sponsor of the German Tanfoglio team, we have now received new holsters, magazine pouches and belts for the team. Thanks again to Ghost International and Gregory Midgley as German distributor for Ghost.

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